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Electric Shuttle Mover
ESM Series


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Electric Shuttle Mover ESM Series

Electric two-axial P & P transport system
Two-dimensional action can be easily achieved without using multiple shaft system or grantry robot. The ESM is the solution that is both user-friendly and space saving. Breaking the traditional concept of electric driven actuator's limitation on long stroke length, the ESM has the solution for you to handle long stroke operations (Max 20m). Motors by various manufacturers are supported. See Features.

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Effective use of space, conveying between equipment and to the next process.
Transporting work pieces from machine to machine for processing.
High speed transport is possible (straight section: Max. 2,000 mm/s; curve section: Max. 1,500 mm/s).
Work pieces can be stopped at multiple locations (repeatability ±0.5 mm).
The combination of straight sections and curve sections allows you to create the pathway you want.
Soft starting and soft stopping are possible. Pathway can be modified after setup.
Collecting and transferring of jigs in an assembly line.
No significant capital investment or modification required.

Easy to manage passageway

To supply material from the right to the left area automatically across the passageway.
Usually, conveyor or robot is not allowed to be placed on the passageway.
The ESM will resolve your problems by using the overhead space.
Maintain the conventional passageway and machine layout remains as it is.
You do not need to change the machine layout in the factory.

Flexible layout

The ESM design is flexible through a combination of linear and corner units.
Customers can freely create optimum pathways to match the site layout.
Anywhere - under the equipment, back of the wall, ceiling or any narrow place.
Almost ninja like.

20m Long Track

Pallets, trays and return transportation of the jig.
The assembly and heating processes require long conveyors for return transport.
But the ESM is a single rail with the longest track of 20m.
It does not interfere with the maintenance area due to effective use of space.
High-speed of conveyance of 2000mm / sec is possible.

Multi pick & place

It doesn't just go anywhere. But it can stop anywhere. And of course, precisely.
Material supply is easy for the ESM, from one to multiple machines. No complex control.
It is as easy as delivering newspapers, the ESM delivers the material reliably to the places as you intended it to be.

Product Specification

Note 1: Contact CKD if the stroke length exceeds 20 m.
Note 2: The vertical difference is the difference between the heights at the highest spot and the lowest spot in the transporting path.
Note 3: Contact CKD if you want to use a motor other than the recommended motors.
Note 4: If you need to detect the origin and overruns on both ends, you need three of these.
Note 5: You need 0.5 second or longer for either acceleration or deceleration.
Note 6: The products do not come with a motor. Customers are required to prepare, install, adjust the motor and driver.
Note 7: The products are sold as a unit. Customer are required to install and adjust them.
Note 8: If a curve unit is directly connected to the motor drive unit, the PP unit (air supply unit) cannot be used.

How to order

Calculate the belt length based on the unit combination given above.

1. The belt length for the motor drive unit and the tension unit is 1170 mm (fixed length).

2. Double the stroke length of the straight section.
(stroke length of [ESM-ST-500] + stroke length of [ESM-ST-1000] + stroke length of [ESM-ST-300]) × 2
= (500 + 1000 + 300) × 2
= 3600 mm

3. Belt length for the 90-degree curve unit is 910 mm.
Since there are two of them, the total will be: 910 × 2 = 1820 mm

4. "Add the belt lengths obtained in steps 1, 2, and 3."
"Belt length for the motor drive unit and the tension unit" + "Double the belt length for stroke length of straight section" + "Belt length for the curve section × quantity"
= 1170 mm + 3600 mm + 1820 mm
= 6590 mm

Hence, the belt length is 6590 mm
Belt model no.: ESM-B-06590

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