President’s Message

Total FA Worldwide Supplier

Established under the name Japan Aviation Electric Corporation in 1943, our company changed its name to Chukyo Denki Corporation (CKD)
in 1945 and began to develop, design and manufacture automated machinery for the production of vacuum and fluorescent tubes, and others.
Now at more than 70 years since its foundation, we boast 140 product categories for automated machineries, 7,000 products of
pneumatic and fluid control components, and have arrived at producing more than 500,000 product items.

Our products are increasingly satisfying even more domestic and oversea customers than ever before.
CKD has declared a 10-year VISION at becoming the “Total FA Worldwide Supplier”.
With regard to our sales endeavors, we have established CKD Europe B.V.
last year in the Netherlands and a technical center in Silicon Valley
where the Tech Industry is highly concentrated,
with the aim to supply even more products
and services to customers around the world.
As the demand for IoT compatible and electric powered products are
increasing in domestic and overseas industries, we are swiftly
developing those products to increase our customer’s productivity
and to contribute to improving the added value in our products.

Deep rooted in our management philosophy is the motto,
“Create a prosperous society”. Through this, we have devoted
many resources in our business activities to realize a
“sustainable society”. With our utmost diligence,
we will continue to serve and support you in the years to come.